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Administration of real estate
At ADVODAN, we administer all types of properties and handle finances, legislation and day-to-day operations.

Board of directors
A board of directors helps increase your earnings and develop your enterprise. ADVODAN therefore recommends that all enterprises, both large and small, have a professional board of directors.

Change of ownership and acquisitions
It is important to be ahead when buying or selling enterprises. The Danish Companies Act (selskabsloven) makes it easy to change ownership and acquire enterprises. At ADVODAN, we provide advice to ensure that the change of ownership is performed under optimal conditions.

Conflict resolution
Most conflicts can be prevented if you let a lawyer go through or prepare your contracts and agreements. However, should a conflict arise, ADVODAN provides advice on the best solution and naturally helps you conduct the case.

In legal terms, marketing is about who to contact, what to write in letters and e-mails and how to protect the enterprise by means of clauses, patents and trademarks. ADVODAN provides advice on rules and regulations to avoid conflicts and to protect the enterprise.

Patents and trademarks
ADVODAN provides advice on how to protect the enterprise's intangible assets such as products, ideas and distinctive marks against theft and abuse.

The Danish tax legislation is constantly changing and with it the preconditions for conducting business. Get ADVODAN's advice on Danish tax rules and regulations.

Employment and employees
The employer is responsible for ensuring that all rules and regulations in relation to employees are under control. At ADVODAN, we provide advice to enterprises, minimising the risk of conflicts and costly actions for damages.

Bad payers and debt collection
To ensure healthy finances in the enterprise, it is important that customers pay their invoices. At ADVODAN, we help the enterprise collect old debt and stay ahead to ensure that it avoids unpaid invoices and bad payers.

Construction law
A construction project requires specific agreements that clarify the duties and rights of all parties involved. A good construction and advisory agreement minimises the risk of disputes and describes how to handle conflicts. ADVODAN helps you prevent as well as handle conflicts.

Cooperation with customers and suppliers
Cooperation with customers and suppliers forms the backbone of any enterprise's existence. ADVODAN provides advice on agreements and contracts with customers, suppliers and other cooperation partners to prevent conflicts and ensure stability and improved liquidity.

New Companies Act
On 29 May 2009, a new overall Danish Companies Act was adopted for public and private limited companies, most of which came into force in March 2010. The Companies Act minimises administrative burdens and provides increased flexibility. For further information on the Danish Companies Act, please contact ADVODAN.

Reconstruction, insolvency and bankruptcy
Falling order intake and a failing market are life-threatening to an enterprise. The sooner the enterprise asks for help, the more likely it is that the enterprise will survive. ADVODAN helps you identify possible ways to save a distressed enterprise.

Founding a company and setting up an enterprise
An enterprise's development and growth prospects depend on the decisions made in relation to business format, i.e. personal, partnership, private or public limited company. Holding structure choices are also important. Get advice from ADVODAN to ensure the very best conditions for your enterprise.

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