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Employment and work
All employees have rights that the employer must respect. This also applies if the employee is fired. At ADVODAN, we help employees ensure that their working conditions are satisfactory.

Death and division of property
A person's death leaves many practical issues to resolve and it may be difficult to stay on top of the situation. At ADVODAN, we help those left behind solve any legal issues.

Cohabiting couples
Cohabiting couples are not protected by legal rules. ADVODAN provides advice and assistance to prepare the required written agreements.

Tax legislation severely impacts your personal finances.  For relevant advice, please contact ADVODAN's tax experts.

Wills and inheritance
ADVODAN provides advice on the Danish Inheritance Act (arveloven), ensuring that individual requests are considered in a will.

When a couple is married, they become legally connected. But even married couples must make provisions for each other, particularly if they have children and a home. At ADVODAN, we help you with the legal documents.

Construction cases
If you build, renovate or build an extension to your own house, you must have a firm agreement with contractors and workmen on e.g. delivery and materials. At ADVODAN, we provide advice throughout the process.

Purchase and sale of real estate
ADVODAN's lawyers specialising in real estate help you negotiate both price and terms when you buy real estate, ensuring that all agreements are in place in the transaction.

Injuries and damages
If a person suffers injury in an accident, he or she may be entitled to damages. But there are many rules to consider. ADVODAN helps you conduct the case.

Divorce and separation
In the event of divorce, it is important to fill out all the papers correctly and to agree on the division of children and home. At ADVODAN, we help you to a civilised divorce.

Marriage contracts
If you own an enterprise, have considerable debt or own something of great sentimental value to you, a marriage contract is your solution. At ADVODAN, we help you prepare a marriage contract that considers your specific needs.

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