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Christina Skjoldager Olsen
Office: +45 72 10 87 20
Mobile: +45 22 18 74 47
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Christina Skjoldager Olsen

Christina Skjoldager Olsen provides advisory services and all forms of legal assistance to private individuals and enterprises. Christina completed her degree at the University of Copenhagen in 2010, and her background includes employment as a lawyer in a listed company before she joined ADVODAN in 2012. Christina has assisted beneficiaries in the administration of several estates and has provided advisory services on inheritance, wills and marriage contracts.

In addition to the provision of advisory services to private individuals, Christina has provided advisory services to clients in the form of general business consulting, including on company mergers and demergers, keeping a register of shareholders, etc.

With her all-round background in legal areas such as inheritance and estate, wills, marriage contracts and property transactions, Christina is an experienced generalist in civil law and commercial law. Moreover, Christina has a broad knowledge in the field of estates in bankruptcy.

Christina’s most recent work includes the following:

·         Administration of estates, including estates under the business income tax regime

·         Completion of mergers and demergers of enterprises at the owners’ request

·         Advisory services in connection with wills and marriage contracts

Estate specialist

Throughout her career, in connection with both her student job and her later employment with ADVODAN, she has handled matters concerning estate administration and succession law. She is thus one of our most experienced colleagues in this field and she is in great demand. Christina puts great emphasis on guiding beneficiaries and testators through the relevant legal issues. In addition, she shows her empathy and sympathy for the difficult situation of the beneficiaries, and it is important to her that all beneficiaries are heard and met with respect. Christina is solution-oriented and attempts, to the extent possible, to reach a good solution in the difficult situation faced by the beneficiaries, for example in connection with the sale of properties of the estate, etc.

Corporate law expert

Christina assists a broad range of small and medium-sized enterprises, providing them with advisory services on corporate structure, sale and purchase of enterprises, contractual matters, business transfers, capital structure and shareholder information, etc. Due to her many years of experience, Christina is in great demand in connection with the foundation of companies, drafting of shareholder agreements and registers of shareholders.


Christina is committed to finding solutions that both match the activities and objectives of the enterprise and are professionally optimal.