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Rolf Ledertoug Attorney-at-law, Partner, Admitted to the Supreme Court
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Rolf Ledertoug Attorney-at-law, Partner, Admitted to the Supreme Court

Attorney Rolf Ledertoug is a partner and head of the private department and department for debt collection at ADVODAN Glostrup.

Rolf has two primary areas of focus; housing including leasehold and buying homes in Denmark, and family law, including division of marital estates, inheritance and testaments.

Rolf is appointed by the Court of Glostrup as an executer of marital estates, where his task is to divide marital estates.

Rolf is also appointed Mediator by the Court Glostrup and the Eastern District Court, and has been appointed mediator in numerous civil cases over the last decade.


As head of the department for debt collection, Rolf handles numerous cases at the housing Court every year, and can also assist with rental agreements etc.

When buying a house or apartment, Rolf can guide you through the laws and regulations in Denmark, and assist you in buying your next home.

Family law
Rolf can assist you with every economic aspect of Family law in Denmark, including prenuptial agreements, testaments, division of marital estates etc.

Focus on solutions
Rolf´s focus is on finding solutions, and as a seasoned mediator he often is able to help parties find common ground, resolve their legal problems and move on.

As is often the case with Family law, it is of great importance to know when to hold your ground and when to find a solution through negotiations.