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ADVODAN Glostrup
Søren Aagaard Attorney-at-law, Admitted to the Supreme Court
Office: +45 46 14 50 00
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Søren Aagaard Attorney-at-law, Admitted to the Supreme Court

Attorney Søren Aagaard is a partner and head of the tax department with ADVODAN Glostrup. Further he is responsible for the tax process, VAT/duties and tax legislation team in the ADVODAN law chain.

Søren works exclusively with tax, VAT/duties and corporate and business related cases and has furthermore a thorough knowledge of labour market related issues. For this reason he leads litigation cases against the employee labour unions before the Danish Labour Law Court. Søren has a law degree from the University of Copenhagen from 1996 and has been with ADVODAN since 2004. Before this time Søren was leader of the personal tax department of KPMG C. Jespersen (now E&Y) in Copenhagen.

Søren is a member of ADVODAN’s tax committee. Further he functions as a consultant for The Association of Public Certified Accountants and in corporation with attorney Lise Aagaard he is responsible for updating the online tax tools and tutorials of the Association. Søren is a member of the Association of Danish Attorney and the Association of Danish Tax Attorneys.

Expert in tax- and duties
Through his career Søren has gained thorough, professional specialist knowledge and experience in advising as well private persons and businesses concerning Danish and international tax, VAT and duties. Søren is an expert on these areas.

As a natural combination with Søren’s expertise within the tax area, through his whole career Søren has worked extensively with business related counselling, including advise on corporate legislation, employment law, collective labour market law and issues related hereto. Søren handles litigation cases as well in the administrative tax system as with the courts, including the Danish High Court and the Danish Labour Law Court.

Thoroughness and high professional standard
Empathy, thoroughness and a high professional standard is in focus with Søren, who aims at knowing the client’s situation and business before providing counselling in order to ensure the client a specific and valuable advice based on the client’s individual situation. For Søren is it important that counselling takes place in a trusting corporation with the client and that the client can reach him during the counselling process – no matter the hour.

Writer and lecturer
The publishing companies Thomson and Magnus Informatik has published a number of  professional handbooks on legal issues with Søren as writer, including the book “Omkostningsgodtgørelse i Skattesager” (“Public refund of expenses in tax cases”) (Thomson 2. Edition 2007) and the Business Guide of Magnus Informatik (Erhvervsguiden).

Furthermore Søren has written a number of articles on tax matters in Tidsskrift for Skatteret (The tax- and Duties Journal), Skattepolitisk Oversigt (The tax political Overview), Revision og Regnskabsvæsen (Accounting and Bookeeping) and SKAT-Udland (Foreign Tax). Finally Søren has held lectures at Forvaltningshøjskolen in Copenhagen and Kolding concerning tax process, the influence of civil law on tax legislation and legal method.

Active and musical spare time
In his spare time Søren is a triathlete within the disciplines running, swimming and cycling. He has completed a number of competitions, including several half and a whole Ironman – 3800 m open water swimming, 180 km cycling and 42.195 km running. Further Søren has a musical note and plays both piano, guitar and drums.

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