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Andreas Peter Olesen Assistant Attorney
Office: +45 70 30 10 06
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Andreas Peter Olesen Assistant Attorney

In general

Andreas Peter Olesen is assistant attorney in our Team Insolvency Law, Team Employment Law, Team Real Estate, and Team Corporate, and primarily specialises in insolvency law, employment law, real estate law, and commercial and business law. Furthermore, Andreas deals with disputes for both corporate and private customers.



Andreas acts on his own hand, but primarily acts as assistant attorney on behalf of attorney-at-law Karsten Holt, Finn Jørgensen, Steen Marslew, Kelvin V. Thelin and Klaus E. Rasmussen.


Andreas received his law degree from Aarhus University in 2018, and he has been with ADVODAN since October 2018.



Approcach to his work - The Colleges' view on Andreas

Andreas is an accommodating, competent, and solution-oriented assistant attorney, who highly prioritizes efficiency.


For Andreas the whole is important, so each customer is treated according to his/her individual needs, and solid law is more a means than a goal in itself. 

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