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Rasmus Lund Petersen Attorney-at-law
Office: +45 97 92 28 88
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Rasmus Lund Petersen Attorney-at-law

Rasmus Lund Petersen is part of ADVODAN Thisted’s private law division, which provides counsel to private individuals. Rasmus graduated from Aarhus University in 2016 with a master’s degree in law (LL.M.), and immediately after graduating, Rasmus began working for ADVODAN Thisted, as an associate.

During his studies, Rasmus worked for the District Attorney’s office and Nordea. He thereby had plenty legal experience prior to commencing his job at ADVODAN Thisted.

Family law and succession law
Rasmus has specialized in succession law and family law during his studies and professionally. He is thus familiar with the types of problems and situations, which relate to the named legal areas.

Tenancy law
Rasmus has an interest in tenancy law and he works with tenancy law issues on a day-to-day basis i.e. he advises proprietors about their rights and obligations including rent default action, evictions, breach of contract etc. Notwithstanding his legal knowledge, Rasmus takes steps to stay updated on any amendments or new practices by participating in relevant courses or meetings. 

ADVODAN Thisted has jointly with the company IOSPECT designed an app, which makes it easy for proprietors to conduct the mandatory inspections when residents move in and out of rented property, as the app helps out with the relevant and necessary reports.

Focused on effective and cost-efficient solutions
Rasmus gives preemptive advice to ensure that future problems do not emerge. In cases where problems have arisen, Rasmus will provide possible solutions and subsequently plan the course of action with the client.  Rasmus’ primary focus when advising clients is to solve problems effectively with respect for costs.

Passionate about soccer
Apart from spending his time on legal work, Rasmus spends a lot of time on physical activities, especially football. Rasmus has a distinct passion for football, which is evidenced by his personal playing history on a near-professional level and his experience as coach for several high-ranking teams. Other than spending time on football, Rasmus enjoys social events and spending his time with family.