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Tax law ADVODAN provides legal advice concerning national as well as international taxation. We render advice to Danish and foreign individuals and companies.

Where a cross boarder movement employees is involved, there will be tax consequences to consider – jointly with the pay and employment conditions normally discussed between employee and employer.

ADVODAN can assist you all the way. No matter whether you are coming to Denmark as an employee or are planning to set up a business here or you are the employer engaging in cross boarder movement of employees.

For individuals coming to Denmark ADVODANs assistance includes for example

  • correct registration in Denmark with the authorities
  • evaluation and optimizing of your individual Danish and home country tax liability during your stay in Denmark
  • the yearly tax reporting,
  • exit tax

ADVODAN provides full service tax advice from entry to exit, so that you can enjoy your stay and/or business engagement here without worrying about taxation issues.

Part of our advice cover issues such as preparation of tax optimized salary packages, tax free diets, company paid housing and transport, employment contracts and employee hand books, notice letters during the employment concerning i.e. change of terms etc., termination of employments etc.

ADVODAN’s experts in trade union matters have experience in negotiating with trade unions seeking to enter trade union agreements or raising claims against Danish or international employers.

ADVODAN has specialist knowledge in providing joint tax and employment law advise to both Danish and international businesses, who are hiring foreign labour or providing services in Denmark by use of foreign workers. We can assist you in setting up your use of foreign labour in Denmark with respect of Danish employment and tax legislation. ADVODAN can assist you during the hiring process, through the employment period and through termination. In cross boarder situations we can help you ensure correct taxation of your employees to avoid double taxation.

Should it come to litigation, ADVODAN can handle your court case claims. We have litigation specialist experience in handling tax cases before the administrative and ordinary courts and cases before the Labour Courts.

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