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Child abduction If the removal of the child is a case of child abduction, the action you need to take depends on whether your child is retained in a state which has acceded to (signed) the Hague Convention together with Denmark or whether your child is retained in a “non-convention state”.

If your child has been abducted to, or is retained in a Hague Convention state, you may apply to have your child returned. In Denmark, the Ministry for Children and Social Affairs receives and transmits applications from parents for the return of their children.

If your child has been abducted to, or is being retained in, a non-convention state, the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs handles your case.

Acute assistance on suspected child abduction
If you suspect or have actual knowledge that the other parent is about to leave Denmark with your child without your consent, you must call the police on telephone number 114.

The police decide whether there is an acute need for intervention. After you have contacted the police, you must contact the Child Abduction Unit 24-hour hotline on telephone number 4050 5026.

Contact a lawyer

You should also contact a lawyer specialising in child abduction.

These types of cases are characterised by numerous pitfalls and both international rules and national legislation in the country to which your child has been abducted (known as the “recipient country”) which may hamper, or even hinder, the return of your child.

A lawyer experienced in handling child abduction cases will be able to help you understand the rules and will operate as the point of contact with e.g. the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry for Children and Social Affairs as well as the Danish police. Helping to ensure appropriate government resonse.

The Danish Ministry for Children and Social Affairs has published a list of lawyers who specialise in child abduction. This list appoints three lawyers in Jutland (“Jylland”), one in Funen (“Fyn”) and five in Zealand (“Sjælland”). There are two AVODAN lawyers on the list. Their contacts details are listed below. We advice you to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Legal aid costs

You may apply for legal aid covering part of the costs incurred in the child abduction case – regardless of the “recipient country” of your abducted child.

You may be entitled to legal aid through your private legal expenses insurance – not only covering the cost of a Danish lawyer, but typically also covering the usually significant fees of a lawyer agent in the recipient country. You may also apply for legal aid through the Ministry for Children and Social Affairs covering a significant portion of the costs of both your own local lawyer and the lawyer agent.

You will also have to pay an array of expenses yourself – typically travelling to and from the recipient country in connection with the return of the child. You may apply for legal aid to cover the costs of participating in court hearings, at which your attendance is required. Your lawyer will take you through the specific rules at the start of the case.

The actual costs of collecting and bringing your child home may be reimbursed by application to the Ministry for Children and Social Affairs.

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