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Are you the victim of a criminal offence? You have the right to have a legal representative appointed to you if you are the victim of e.g. rape, threating behaviour to make you change your witness statement or make you refuse to give evidence, a mugging or other theft, acts of violence or incest.

If a legal representative is appointed to you in these circumstances, you will incur no costs. The fees of the legal representative will be paid in full by the government.

You are free to appoint any attorney as your legal representative and changing to another attorney in the process is easy.

If you appoint an ADVODAN attorney, we will ensure that a claim for damages against the perpetrator is put forward on your behalf during the proceedings. Your claim for damages may include damages for pain and suffering, loss of earnings, expenses for medicine and damages for tort (or the indignity of being subject to the criminal offence).

If the perpetrator is unable to pay any damages for which he is found liable, your claim may be directed at the Danish Criminal Injuries Compensation Board as a claim for compensation. However, the conditions for being eligible are, amongst others:

  • that you have suffered harm as a consequence of a violation of the Criminal Code or the Act on restraining orders and occupation orders in Danish territory.
  • that you have suffered personal injury.
  • that you reported the criminal offence to the police within 72 hours of the incident.
  • that you have made a claim for damages against the perpetrator if the case has been tried by the court.
  • that you have claimed compensation from the Board within two years of the criminal offence being committed or after the judgment becoming final or after the date at which the police decided to discontinue the investigation of the matter.

You may also be able to claim compensation although the identity of the perpetrator is unknown or if the perpetrator cannot be found – This also applies if the perpetrator is under 15 years of age.

We will keep you appraised of the progress of the matter with the police and at court, so that you feel secure throughout the process. We will accompany you to any police interviews, if this is what you wish. We will also accompany you at court when you give witness evidence. We will present and argue your claim for damages to the court and will provide you with support throughout the entire process.

If it is necessary, we will also apply to the court for the perpetrator to be removed from the court when you are to give evidence. During the trial, we will ensure that you are not asked unnecessary questions on your credibility or prior sexual conduct, e.g. in the case of rape.