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Foreign nationals in Denmark As a foreign national, you may be granted legal residence in Denmark if you have a legal basis for residence. There are different types of legal basis for residence in Denmark. These include, amongst others, family reunification, work, accompanying family member or asylum.

Intricate rules govern family reunification

If you have family in Denmark, you may apply for legal residence in Denmark according to the rules on family reunification set out in the Danish Alien Act (national legislation) or according to EU regulations.

The rules and regulations governing this area are complex to interpret and may be difficult to comprehend. Many feel that the application process is cumbersome and obscure. It may therefore be a good idea to seek the advice of a lawyer already when preparing your application. So, that you start and follow-up being on the right track.

ADVODAN may assist you in completing and submitting your application for family reunification. We initially assess whether the requirements for family reunification are met. If they are, we will assist you in preparing the application. We will forward your application package with relevant documentation, will follow up on your application with the Danish Immigration Service and will stay in close contact with you and your family until a decision has been made.

Legal residence because of work

If you wish to live and work in Denmark, you must acquire a residence and work permit. Your qualifications are the foremost factors in determining whether you will be granted the permit. A basic condition is that there are significant occupational or commercial considerations in favour of granting a permit.

If you are a Nordic or an EU national, other rules apply. In addition, there are a number of schemes which permit highly qualified foreign nationals being granted residence and work permits in Denmark.

Temporary and permanent residence permit

Once you have been granted legal residence in Denmark, this will initially be for a limited period. Before the expiry of this period, you must apply for an extension, provided that the requirements for the residence permit are still met.

To be granted a permanent residence permit, you must have resided legally in Denmark for eight years and meet a significant number of other conditions.

ADVODAN can assist you in assessing whether you meet the requirements for a permanent residence permit. If you do, we will assist you in preparing and submitting the application, we will follow up on your application with the Danish Immigration Service and will keep you appraised of the process.

Quality of living in Denmark is amongst the highest in the world and access limited, so we highly recommend that you get expert advice.

EU nationals

As an EU national, you may freely enter Denmark and stay in the country for up to three months without obtaining a residence document (proof of registration). If you - the EU national - are applying for work, you may reside in the country for up to six months without a residence document. The three- and six-month periods are calculated from the date of entry into Denmark.

If you anticipate that your stay in Denmark will exceed three months, you must apply for a residence document before the expiry of the initial three months. The EU residence document is documentation that you -  the EU national, or the relative of an EU national -  have the right to reside in Denmark.

After five years’ continuous legal residence in Denmark, you - the EU national - will be able to apply for permanent residence.

Can your residence permit be terminated?

If you no longer maintain a residence in Denmark, or if you leave the country for an extended period, your residence permit may lapse. The Immigration Service may also revoke your residence permit or deny extension if the original basis for the residence permit no longer exists. In addition, your residence permit may lapse if you are expelled, e.g. due to criminal activity.

If you are at risk of your residence permit being revoked, or if you are subject to a pending case of revocation, we offer to help you safeguard residence.

Danish nationality

If you wish to acquire Danish nationality, you must meet a significant number of conditions. Amongst other considerations are requirements as to the length of time you have resided in Denmark, whether you have acquired a certain familiarity with the Danish language, whether you are able to support yourself financially, and whether you have passed the test on Danish society, culture and history. It is a requirement that you have not been convicted of any criminal offences and that you have no debt to the government.

If you meet the requirements, you must apply to be granted Danish nationality through the homepage of the Ministry of Immigration and Integration.

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